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Hong Kong Trusted Babysitter | Mandarin Nanny | Expat Nanny | Confinement Nanny | Child Tutor

Largest childcare network in Hong Kong with over 5000 professional full time and part time nanny, babysitter, confinement nanny and child tutor. Most efficient Nanny Hiring Service in town with the best quality nanny network!

**We also provide hotel babysitting services. For details please go to here**

Concerning the Coronavirus spread, Babysitter.HK has taken special measure to prevent any health risk to our clients. We would ensure all nannies we arrange for clients did not travel to overseas in the past one month, nor feeling unwell. We will continue to provide reliable and trusted childcare services to all families in Hong Kong.

Our Testimonials

Good day. Gladys was very very good. She was very attentive and took great care of our sleeping daughter as she has caught a cold and was quite nervous while sleeping. She texted us updates and we felt 100% confident that our child was in good hands. Will definitely knock your door again when in Hong Kong. I wish we could find someone like you in Manila as well. Thank you so much.
客戶評語-本地保姆-褓母-保母-陪月-私人保姆-家務助理Mr Panteli
Traveller to Macau (April 2019)
This is my first experience with Babysittier.hk. It was a wonderful experience with nanny Cindy To as she helped us take good care of our son (5 years old) while we’re away for a couple of hours. My son enjoyed his time with her very much as she will read & play with him. Highly recommend to anyone who in need for a nanny. Thank you so much for your service!
客戶評語-本地保姆-褓母-保母-陪月-私人保姆-家務助理Mr Lim
Traveller to HK (Nov 2017)
We made the request on a Friday and he was able to find us a nanny over that weekend to start the following Monday. We thank Friends of the Family and are most grateful for Felix prompt assistance! Read More
客戶評語-本地保姆-褓母-保母-陪月-私人保姆-家務助理Chris Shen
American Taiwanese Family in HK (Mar 2017)
Everything was great with our sitter. She arrived on time and was warm and friendly. If I need a sitter in the future I would use your professional service again.
客戶評語-本地保姆-褓母-保母-陪月-私人保姆-家務助理Sarah Chase
Hong Kong Family (April 2016)
I appreciate the help as everything was done even before I arrive Hong Kong. The service was professional, responsive and fast!
客戶評語-本地保姆-褓母-保母-陪月-私人保姆-家務助理Wesam Shaya
Swedish Family (March 2016)
I am very satisfied with your service, I felt your service is well arranged and felt very reliable among similar type of service in HK.
客戶評語-本地保姆-褓母-保母-陪月-私人保姆-家務助理Motoko Tominaga
Japanese Family (Feb 2016)

Personalized Service

Different from normal online platform, we offer personalized matching service to fulfill each family needs.

Largest Professional Network

Over 5000 professional babysitters/nannies/tutors with at least 3+ years experience are at your service.

Transparent Service Offerings

One-off service charge for each package without any hidden cost.

Safe & Trustworthy

All the employment procedures will follow the Employment Ordinance of the HKSAR.

Rigorous Screening

Comprehensive screening process of babysitter's ability which means they’ve been interviewed, background checked and at least 3 glowing references.

Constant Care Team

We closely monitor every booking and are on hand to help if anything comes up.

Our Featured Babysitters

Jasmine Davisbb care,babysitter,nanny, mandarinMaisy Rossbb care,babysitter,nanny, mandarinJocelyn Reedbb care,babysitter,nanny, mandarinAndrea Gschosmannbb care,babysitter,nanny, mandarin
Jasmine is a young but professional childcarer. She is from the United States and have served families in different states.Maisy has been a veteran in childcare, she has served over 20 families to help take care of their infants to grow up as a young gentlemen or ladies.Jocelyn has been a babysitter from the time she was a high school student. She is a lovely lady who would always develop friendship with the babies.Andrea is a mother of two already. She has five years of teaching experience as well as two years of nanny experience.

Media Coverage

Media Coverage-TVB, Sun, HKET, HKEJ,on.cc,Topick,Ours,Eugene Group

We are the largest online babysitter service matching platform in HK. We provide professional full-time and part-time nanny, midwife and child tutor services.

When hiring a nanny many parents can feel that interviews are not an effective way of being able to discern whether the people they are meeting with are really trustworthy. But there are a few key ways to tell if a nanny is the right fit for your family.A great nanny is someone who has decided to make full time care of children a professional career because she genuinely loves children. As Jacinta says, after having worked as a nanny for fourteen years, “Knowing that I have contributed to a whole family’s life by being a major resource to parents who are entrusting their babies and children to me is very personally fulfilling.”A great nanny wants to know all the details of how the parents like things to be done and will also provide plenty of details on what she does with the children when the parents are out. Owner of PR firm The Publicity Princess, Kate is mum to two boys Flynn and Jack says of her three best nannies, “Our communication was unreal – we would each provide stories about what the boys got up to, sharing the laughs as well as the challenges.” Other nannies may be asked to provide a formal record such as Simone who keeps a daily diary for the parents of the children she looks after. “Each day I write sleep times, what they ate, what we did and if anything in particular happened such as if any new words are spoken.”A great nanny always lets the parents know where the children are and can be contacted at all times. Janelle a mum to four year old Luca was upset when her nanny took her son out for the day and didn’t get home until after 7pm but did not call to say she was running late.A great nanny will tidy up after the children she looks after throughout the day and won’t need to be asked to do so, although any other chores and household tasks may need to be requested to be done by the parents. A great nanny will have a plan to act in an emergency and will ideally be trained in CPR or be willing to learn. A great nanny has a basic understanding of the different stages of child development, is able to care for babies, toddlers or older children and knows how to integrate play, learning and fun. Kate says “The three best nannies I’ve had made every day activities educational – like sorting the washing into colours, measuring ingredients for cooking, counting the steps on the way to walking to the park.”A great nanny is respectful of her family’s privacy and is sensitive to any personal issues that may arise. Denna, a mum to three year old Mason and two year old Jasmine says, “I was suffering from severe post-natal depression and it became evident I needed help. I sought my nanny’s advice often as she had been a nanny for over ten years and she assisted with weaning from breast to bottle, potty training and dealing with nightmares.”A great nanny is very rarely late and offers as much notice as possible on sick days. “Our last au pair did a ‘runner’ one Thursday night and we had to find emergency childcare. Since then we have not had another,” says Janelle.A great nanny has plenty of energy and can keep up with the children she looks after. Kate says “I once had a fill in nanny who was a little bit lazy and happy to just watch TV – she wasn’t very outdoorsy. It helps to set clear ground rules from the start.”A great nanny understands the importance of nutrition for children and can prepare simple meals. A great nanny knows when to speak up about anything that may affect the wellbeing of the children she looks after but always remembers the parents have the final say. A great nanny has excellent references and will seek to maintain lifelong relationships with the families she works for.
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